Episode 31 – (Oliver Fuselier) “Managing Multiple Directors Across Dozens Of Brands”

Evan Kidd sits down with Great Guns Managing Director and Producer Oliver Fuselier for an insightful hour of conversation about how commercials are creatively made. Oliver began his career interesting in being in front of the camera, but soon found joy in producing projects after arriving in Hollywood. Currently Oliver is an award-winning Executive Producer, Managing Director, & Strategic Consultant with 20+ years of excellence piloting multi-channel brand marketing, full lifecycle production, and boundary-pushing content delivery. Oliver spearheaded the entire production lifecycle for hundreds of campaigns, including for top firms such as Apple, Facebook, Google, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Mini, HBO, USAA, and Airbnb’s first broadcast campaign. He has also served on juries for Cannes Lions, Shots, AICP, Ciclope Festival, and the London International Awards, among others.

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