Episode 1 (Victoria Negri) “Caregiving Sparked Her Cinematic Voice”

Filmmaker Evan Kidd hosts our very first guest fellow Brooklyn based filmmaker Victoria Negri on “Convincing Creatives”! Victoria Negri is an award-winning writer/director/producer/actress. Her feature directorial debut, Gold Star, which she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in, alongside Oscar nominated actor Robert Vaughn in his last on-screen performance.

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Episode 0 (Convincing Creatives!) with Evan Kidd

Welcome to the start of Convincing Creatives. My name is Evan Kidd. I’m a filmmaker, drummer, and hot sauce aficionado. I call North Carolina home, and I’ll be your host. I hope this show brings value to your creative life.

What truly empowers creatives? How are today’s creators convincing in their process? Do they need convincing? Filmmaker Evan Kidd & curated guests dialogue to navigate how the makers of this world define our very culture.


PS: Check out this clip from our upcoming FIRST episode. Releases 4/17. A conversation with Victoria Negri.